Endorsement Letter

The Kids Count coalition presents…





Get It!  Give It!  Guard It!



A campaign for education finance equity, because educating all of California’s students is the best investment California can make. 



Dear Kids Count Coalition,

With this letter we express our support of the Kids Count campaign.

We ______________________________ (name of organization) endorse this campaign because we believe that all of California’s students are entitled to a public school funding system that is adequate, fair, and transparent.

We believe that the Kids Count campaign is a timely, sharp and proactive response to the current crisis facing funding for public education in California.  We also believe that the Kids Count campaign will help strengthen students’ access to the quality education that they all deserve.

We are committed to being involved in the following activities below: (please specify your level of involvement in this campaign; you can choose all or just some of the below)

  1. Join the Kids Count campaign and endorse the demands for:
  • Comprehensive tax reform
  • An equitable and transparent school funding formula
  • Institutionalizing state level student and community input into budgeting for education
  1. Integrate the Kids Count demand into our existing campaigns and legislative priorities
  2. Organize in our region an activity for our constituency to engage with Kids Count

In solidarity,

Signature: ______________________ Name: ___________________________________

Organization: _________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________________

The Kids Count coalition is:

Youth Together (www.youthtogether.net) * Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership (www.aypal.org) * People Organized to Win Employment Rights (www.peopleorganized.org) * The Campaign for Quality Education (www.quality-education.org)